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AMS Enterprise 2.93 was released

New in this version:


  • Added support for SSL / TLS for Smtp protocol (AMS) and for Smtp/POP3 Protocol (Input Mail Processor) is added. Library OpenSSL 0.9.8k or later is necessary to use this function. This library is automatically installed with the AMS.
  • An opportunity to specify a range of updating of values (every X e-mails), as well as a way to retrieve lines from a text block (consistently or randomly) was added to template RandomText.
  • New types of Smtp authorisation (for AMS) - AUTH-CRAM-SHA1 and AUTH-NTLM, as well as Auto (when the program will choose a correct way of authorization itself) are added.
  • The error in the editor of letters when in certain cases, after opening a letter for editing krakozyably appeared instead of the text is corrected.
  • The error due to which at the start of mailing a warning that the letter does not contain a valid RandomText template appeared, is corrected
  • Network kernel AMS is updated - now all streams of dispatch use one general window (window handle) for internal messages of sockets.
  • Small errors are corrected.

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