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AMS Enterprise 2.95 was released

New in this version:


  •  The possibility of automatic randomization of the pictures inserted in Html part of the letter is added. During the mailing process the program can randomly change a size, a format and a name of images, as well as add noise to them. Besides, it is possible to add any casual picture from the set folder on a disk or insert http link to a picture from the Random Text template. If you want to set up the randomization click to the window of addition of a picture (button Random).
  •  The possibility to use templates of randomization in a line of the domain for HELO is added.
  •  Program's malfunctions while a delivery with the use of proxy servers as well as while checking the lists of proxies are fixed.
  •  it is now possible to specify more than one source for the automatic updating of proxy lists in a proxy-manager.
  •  the problem with impossibility to stop the process of checking of proxy lists when using a large number of threads verification is corrected.
  •  the error with displaying search results on mailing lists, if the transfer of addresses was executed from one category in other, is fixed.
  •  problems with pre-viewing of letters if they contained pictures with russian letters in there names are corrected.
  •  Fixed a problem in the generator of letters because of which the built in pictures could have been wrongly displayed at use of coding Koi8-r.
  •  In the case of database corruption it is now automatically repaired when you start AMS.
  •  Input Mail Processor: the possibility to stop the process of receiving / sending mail without waiting for its completion is added.
  •  Input Mail Processor: the work of action "Extract and save the text from the letter"  is fixed (a problem with search of the end of a line or the data)
  •  The mailing scheduler: the error with launch of the mailing at work with a demo version AMS is corrected.
  •  The mailing scheduler: the problem with the start of the scheduler, if AMS or Input Mail Processor have already been started, is corrected.
  •  compatibility with Windows 7 is added.
  •  a problem with the launch of AMS under Windows 7 and Vista from a normal user (not administrator) is fixed.
  •  support for OpenSSL version 0.9.8L is added.
  •  the Project has been fully transferred and rebuilt in a new development environment (from BCB6 in BCB2007), all libraries and the components used in AMS are updated to last versions.
  •  small errors Are corrected.

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