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AMS Enterprise 2.9 was released

  • The new editor of letters. The kernel of the editor has been transferred to MSHTML engine and fully rewritten. Now you can easily download complex Html documents without losses of formatting and "enlarging" the document. The mode "Direct Html Import" is not necessary any more.
  • Import of documents from .html .eml and .mht files is added. The basic format of saving letters now is .eml which can be opened in any post client.
  • The possibility to edit initial HTML code of letters is added.
  • Spelling check of letters (for Russian and English languages) is added.
  • the Text part of the letter can be automatically generated on the basis of contents of HTML part.
  • the Window of preliminary viewing of letters and MailMerge templates' work is transferred to the editor of letters in a tab the Preview. Now both editing and check of letters is in one place.
  • As the editor of the letters is now based on the same engine as in OutLook - the quality of Html code generation and emulation of OutLook is improved for the best passing messages through the filters. An old editor in the online generation of high-quality writing (with CSS) inserted specific CSS styles into the letter-, which could help to spot that the letter was sent from AMS. Strictly suggest you re-create your letters (delete and type again) to get rid of the legacy of the old editor and improve cross-mails!
  • Since the editor of letters does not use CSS styles any more - HTML letters are better displayed through Web interface of post services where letters with CSS could "enlarge".
  • the generator of letters is improved. Now text and Html parts are always coded in the chosen coding (earlier code conversion was carried out only for Koi8-r, in all other cases only field Charset of the letter's heading varied). Now conversion is carried out fairly for all supported codings.
  • Errors in quoted-printable encoder (because of which letters could to be cut off) are corrected.
  • Problems with a text part of the letter (which were shown if the text part contained a line, longer than 1024 symbols) are corrected.
  • Processing of Conditional Investments is corrected.
  • Work with GIF pictures in the letters' editor  is corrected.
  • memory leaks in the module of letters' sending are eliminated.
  • Lang files for transferring of some program's windows and their parts into Russian are supplemented.
  • Function of  the fast search in the results of delivery statistics is corrected.
  • Error "Canvas does not allow drawing" in the of letters' editor and other windows of the program where interface PageControl element is used is corrected.
  • Faster manager of memory FastMM is used now in the project, as a result the interface began to appear faster.
  • Small errors are corrected.

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