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Product Tour Part 1

 Why AMS Enterprise ?

Taking into account the global popularity of the Internet, we see that E-Mail marketing appears to be one of the most effective and yet inexpensive means for communicating your business offers your company's existing and prospective customers. Wouldn't you agree that it's much easier, quicker and less expensive to mail your information on the new goods, services or specials to your customers and partners rather than call them out via the phone or try to reach them via the snail mail?


Nevertheless, the actual mail distribution is just the final step of an advertisement campaign. In order for a mail distribution to be successful and generate a sufficient output, you would need to build a legitimate recipient lists, automate processing of it, have convenient tools for quick composition of personalized messages, and have statistics on the mailing campaign's results.


Doing these things by hand is both quite difficult and long. Therefore, you would need to have a powerful, well-balanced program, which would bring forth solutions for the entire collection of situations related to e-mail marketing.


AMS Enterprise is designed specifically for solving all of these tasks, from "A" to "Z".


With AMS Enterprise you can quickly and easily:

  • Organize automatic subscription / unsubscription of addresses to and from mailing lists.
  • Manage existing mailing lists.
  • Prepare your messages using a powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Automatically greet each recipient by name and add user-specific, thought-through information to your message using powerful MailMerge templates.
  • Set schedules for automatic mail delivery at the required time.
  • Quickly deliver the mail.
  • Have detailed information on the mailing campaign's results: both technical - number of delivered / undelivered messages - and marketing - number of viewed messages and number of clicks through the links provided in the messages.

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