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Product Tour. Part 2

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Why is AMS Enterprise better
than other E-Mail marketing software?


We have worked for over 4 years to create the best product in this area. During the development period, we have responded to hundreds of our users' suggestions and taken into account our own experience in working with mass E-Mail distributions. AMS Enterprise is the only product that is capable of solving ALL the tasks related to preparing and carrying out mass e-mail distribution COMPLETELY, without involving other programs.


There are quite many mass e-mail distribution programs available on the market, but none of them is really universal - each one of them has its own narrow specific: some of them are better customized for the actual distribution of the mail, others are better in recipient management, third do well with automatic subscription management but do not have any Cyrillic encoding support.


Of course, you could buy several different programs, one for each of the jobs, and then spend a great deal of your time trying to make them work together. But don't you think - that wouldn't be the best buy option?


AMS Enterprise is a powerful and well-balanced program that carries everything you may ever need for managing e-mail distributions.


AMS Enterprise's only goal is to ease up your work and increase the effectiveness of your business. AMS does this job better than other programs do.


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