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Product Tour. Part 3.

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Powerful SMTP core and fast message delivery.


One of the greatest AMS Enterprise's features is the most powerful, multi-threaded SMTP core that supports all possible delivery modes. AMS Enterprise can send messages at the maximum speed your computer and Internet channel can handle.

  • High delivery speed up to 200 000 messages per hour.
  • AMS Enterprise has built-in SMTP server to let you deliver your messages directly to the recipient's mailbox, bypassing your ISP's SMTP server.
  • If you use a dial-up connection to the Internet, and mail distribution via the built-in SMTP does not meet your needs - AMS Enterprise also lets you send your mail via any number of remote SMTP servers (relays) or via your provider's SMTP server.
  • SMTP authentication support.
  • Multi-threaded mail delivery module's architecture. You can set up to 500 send threads for each mailing.
  • Automatic caching of DNS requests to speed up the delivery and cut the load on the DNS servers.
  • Running multiple independent mailings simultaneously.
  • Pausing mailing on demand and resuming from the same point later.
  • Resending messages only to the addresses where they could not be delivered before.
  • Miscellaneous mail delivery support: To, CC, BCC, and Personal Copy. In the last case, the program generates individual messages for each recipient.
  • Setting BCC packet size for the TO, CC, and BCC modes.
  • Setting the TO field for the C and BCC delivery modes.
  • Complete emulation of Outlook Express messages to improve passing your messages through the SPAM filters.
  • Dial-Up connection support. In case the connection is lost, the program will pause mail delivery and automatically dial-up to the ISP; once the connection is re-established, the mail delivery will be continued.
  • Automatic detection of the bad (invalid) and unaccepted e-mail addresses right during the message delivery based on the flexible user-defined SMTP rules. SMTP let you achieve extremely high accuracy in detecting the bad addresses, bypassing the false triggers.
  • Compiling address lists depending on specific remote server responses to certain SMTP commands.


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