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Product Tour. Part 5.

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Importing E-Mail addresses from any sources and powerful address lists manager.


One of the e-mail marketing's key factors is creating and managing address lists. Another AMS Enterprise's strength is the advanced address lists manager capable of handling just about any job related to importing contact information, processing it and segmenting it for gaining the mailing's best results.


You could have often seen individual programs for managing address lists that cost a fortune but are yet weak in its functionality. AMS Enterprise's address lists manager supersedes them by the functionality while being an integrate part of the program!


Mail list manager


With AMS Enterprise Address Lists Manager, you can:


Import existing address lists:

  • Load addresses from text files of different formats and from .CSV files.
  • Import contacts from the Windows Address Book and Outlook Express.
  • Import lists from many other sources via ADO/ODBC, mainly from Excel, Access, FoxPro, MySQL, etc.

Maintain lists in a good state:

  • During importing of address lists, the program automatically deletes all duplicate addresses.
  • Besides that, the program ignores all addresses with incorrect address syntax.

Perform flexible operations over address lists:

  • Merge lists.
  • Delete lists from original address lists (splitting).
  • Compare lists.
  • Delete addresses and records that match user-defined flexible criterions.
  • Search addresses and records.
  • Freely customize list fields' structure (quantity, type, name) to store any specific information and better application of the MailMerge function (message personalization).
  • Sort lists (using SQL)
  • And even run any SQL queries over the lists, which, provided you know the SQL, opens truly unlimited data processing opportunities.

Automatically exclude whole groups of recipients from mailings


It is often necessary to permanently exclude entire lists or groups of recipients from mailing lists. AMS Enterprise address lists manager lets you do that within just a few mouse clicks:

  • You can move such recipients to the �Exclusion List�. After that, those addresses will be automatically excluded from all mail-outs.
  • To handle more complex situations, you can set the �Exclusion Rules�, which will allow you to define criterions for excluding addresses from certain lists. For instance, you can disable sending mail to all addresses that begin with �abuse� or �postmaster�.


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