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Product Tour. Part 6.

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Composing and sending personalized messages with MailMerge.


Effective e-mail marketing is incomprehensible without personalized approach. Sending millions of copies of the same message to everyone on your list is SPAM, which can only hurt your company's image and will likely not generate any positive return.


Why should one mail out only personalized messages? First, every recipient is pleased when he or she is addressed to by name rather than as �valuable customer�.


Second, a message can contain some specific, interesting for particular users only, information. For instance, a message may include user-specific information on terms of service or shipping depending on the region where the customer is located. Why would one want to know how much a service will cost for businesses residing in Moscow if the recipient is located in St. Petersburg? Finally, directory communication with the client, i.e. direct marketing is known to be one of the most efficient methods for promoting goods and services worldwide.


How can AMS Enterprise help organize a personalized e-mail distribution? First, with its most powerful MailMerge functions, i.e. by automatic insertion of information unique for each recipient to the message. You can manually create and send out 500 unique messages with your favorite Outlook Express. However, that may take you a day or even two to complete. On the other hand, you can create one message using the MailMerge templates in AMS Enterprise and then mail it out to the entire subscribers database. That will take 10-15 minutes. Although the result will be the same as in the case with Outlook Express. Savings in time and money are obvious.


How does this work?


Mail merge  preview window


Suppose, like in the example above, you need to distribute information on the new shipping terms that vary depending on the region where customers are located.


In the AMS Enterprise editor, you just need to create a message like this:


Dear [%%FFullName%%],

Please be informed that as of 10.01.2005 shipping charges on [%% FClientProduct%%] to [%% FRegion%%] has dropped for [%% RDiscountRule%%] %.

Thank you for cooperation !
Sincerely, [%%ASenderName%%].

During the message delivery process, AMS Enterprise will automatically replace the [%%] sequences in the template with the actual information that matches each individual customer! In the recipient's e-mail program, that message will appear approximately as follows:


Dear John Smith,

Please be informed that as of 10.01.2005 shipping charges for pineapples to Murmansk has dropped for 20%.

Thank you for cooperation!
Sincerely, Peter Peterson.
�Fruit Transport� LLC, Sales Department.

With AMS Enterprise you can:

  • Add data from any of address list fields or sender's account to message subject and body. Since AMS Enterprise lets you freely change the structure (quantity, name, type) of address list fields, you can use that capacity to store any specific data of any size and use the 100% power of MailMerge and templates in your messages.
  • When using of mere links to address fields' data is no longer sufficient, �MailMerge Rules� step up to help you - the unique feature available exclusively in AMS Enterprise. With MailMerge Rules, you can parse entire blocks to your messages - depending on the contents of address lists fields. In the example above, the program will parse the discount value depending on the customer's region.
  • Besides that, you can insert some automatic data to your messages; for instance, you can add message sent date and time.
  • To ease up creating personalized messages, the program allows viewing messages before they are sent. You can move up or down the address list and instantly see how the message changes for each individual recipient.


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