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Product Tour. Part 7.

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Automatic processing of subscription / unsubscription requests.


To create a recipient database, one needs a convenient tool that would automatically, without your input, process requests for subscription / unsubscription to or from your company's mailing list. Maybe you have already tried to handle such requests manually? Then you should be aware of how much time it takes. What if you have created several independent lists targeting different groups of recipients? Then manual processing of subscribers' wants will turn into a nightmare.


Maybe, your web server already has a script system installed that allows you to receive subscription requests right off the web site. But how will you import the subscribers' addresses to the mail distribution program? Do you want to download the file off the server every day? Now, what if a few new subscribers joined the mailing list today, and a few existing recipients decided to unsubscribe? Will you then download the file every hour or every 10 minutes? Wouldn't you agree - this is, so to say, not very convenient?


AMS Enterprise includes the Input Mail Processor utility that was specially designed for handling all the jobs related to automating mailing list subscription requests. Just configure Input Mail Processor once and then forget about processing the recipients' requests. The program will start automatically when Windows starts and will perform the required operations in the background, without any actions required on your behalf.


Mail Processor


Input Mail Processor's basic functionality

  • Periodic checking of any number of POP3 accounts for availability of new users' requests for subscription to or unsubscription from mailing lists.
  • Integrating the subscription form to your web site.
  • Creating any number of flexible rules for deciding whether to add recipient to or delete recipient from a mailing list.
  • Detailed statistics on each of the rules' performance.
  • Creating confirmed subscription (Dual Opt- In) i.e. upon reception of a subscription request, the program will send the subscriber a message requesting him to confirm subscription / unsubscription. To confirm subscription, the recipient shouted just click on the link provided in the messages or reply to the message. The address will be added to the address list only upon reception of the confirmation. This feature allows you to create and process 100% legitimate subscribers databases and have no problems with the anti-SPAM.
  • Automatic delivery of change of subscription status notification.
  • Creating any number of templates for confirmation and notification messages.
  • Automatic launch on Windows startup.
  • Background operation in the system tray.


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