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Product Tour. Part 8.

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Real-Time statistics on message readings and click-throughs.


To evaluate the efficiency of a completed advertisement campaign, you must have information on the recipients' response to the mail-out. How many recipients have read the letter? How many of them have clicked on the links provided in it (e.g., those leading to specific sections of your web site)? This information will let you segment your recipients by their interest to the particular offers. With this information at your fingertips, you can get an overall impression on the demand for different goods and services and improve the efficiency of the future mailings.


To activate this function, you should once install the statistics collection PHP script on your web server and then enabled the Read Message Counter function in the AMS Enterprise editor or insert a traceable link in a few mouse clicks. All operations of collecting, receiving, and analysis of the statistics are done automatically in the real-time mode, without your participation.


Real-Time statistics


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