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Smart Poster 3.65

Smart Poster 3.65

AMS Enterprise is a powerful system for running mass e-mail and targeted advertisement campaigns. Your business will be more successful with the tool that completely, from "A" to "Z", resolves all issues related to e-mail marketing. With AMS Enterprise you can easily create a mailing list, compose a proposal message, quickly send out personalized mail, and instantly evaluate the efficiency of the advertisement campaign you have just pulled off.

E-mail marketing is known to be one of the most effective and yet inexpensive methods of communicating your information to your company's new and existing customers nowadays. AMS Enterprise is the best choice solution for these jobs.

* Most powerful MailMerge support for creating highly personalized messages.

* Real-time statistics on message readings and ns simultaneously.

* Mailing scheduler will let you start mailing campaigns by schedule.

* Support for all available mailing modes (TO/CC/BCC/Personal Copy).

* Built-in SMTP server will let you send e-mail messages to the recipient's box bypassing the provider's SMTP server.

* Importing address lists from text and .CSV files, Outlook address book, and many other sources (Access, Excel, etc.) using ADO/ODBC.

* Most powerful address list manager with multiple functions for processing the lists: comparing, merging, splitting lists, removing duplicates, record search by any field including carrying out user's any SQL queries.